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Who are the humans behind Rocket Cat?

Paula “Grimmorph” Whitney

Professional “Cat-Mom” and special needs cat extraordinaire: Paula has been in this business for a while and has experience working in so-cal at the amazing Milo’s Sanctuary before starting her own venture here in Northern California. Her friends think she must be some kind of cat whisperer because every time a cat comes into her care, no matter how shy, they seem to come around quite quickly to the “friendly” side. She can often be seen with 1-10 cats attached to her in some way whether it be on her shoulder, in her lap, or following her around the house happily in a tiny adorable fleet. Even though she administers all the medications, clips their claws, bathes them, and does all the hard hands-on work with the cats, the cats all still seem to worship the ground she walks on. (What is her secret?!)

Paula is also an avid artist and gamer with a talent for hardcore napping. She does the bulk of the general cat care for Rocket Cat along with her partner Chris!


Mandy “Synchra” Draeger

Game developer moonlighting as a professional cat snuggler: Mandy is the webmaster behind this site, runs the Rocket Cat twitter, does some PR, runs the Rocket Cat Swag Shop 100% from home, runs the Rocket Cat Apparel Shop, and is the designer of the logo as well as a lot of merchandise and general art and advertising for Rocket Cat. Mandy also helps out a great deal working at the rescue; even taking care of all the cats when Paula and Chris can’t be there. All the cats think Mandy is an evil CLAW CLIPPING MONSTER. This is all done 100% as a volunteer. (Also I type all this stuff! Hello!!!)

Growing up in a town with more pets than humans, Mandy has a lifetime of knowledge of caring for pets in general. Since childhood, animal care has been their passion in life and life focus next to working on video games and artwork. They’re looking forward to the seeing the future success of Rocket Cat!


Chris “Foximus” Hofmann

Race car driving rocket engineer and professional “Cat-Dad”: Chris is the one pulling all the weight behind the scenes. He’s always working on the technical and financial end of Rocket Cat! He’s been doing all the paperwork, helping us get organized, making us forms, and keeping us crazy cat people on track. He also takes up the bulk of cat care with Paula at Rocket Cat Rescue; and helps us with any “heavy lifting” we need. He pours his heart and soul into taking care of the cats and has probably scooped more cat poops and fed more cats than most people ever will in 10 lifetimes.


Despite the fact that he normally works on rockets during the day and is a race car driver in his “free time”, Chris has just as much passion caring for cats as he does for building rockets and racing cars. He’s also kind of a badass.


Who is the mascot in the logo?

That is Space Cat! He is mostly based off of our resident special needs cat Space Ghost, but he has become his own character on his own!  He is a cat that is an astronaut and travels through space in his home made rocket. We use him for merchandise in our shop, “Rocket Cat Swag“, and he appears randomly around the website. Sometimes you’ll see some of our other cats in his rocket because he likes to let his friends take rides in it. 😉

Here’s some more art of him: