Founded in 2018, Rocket Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in the Bay Area, California with a mission to save the cats that need it the most: special needs and at-risk cats!

Special needs cat issues we can currently handle include: blindness, deafness, chronic eye issues, chronic ear issues, intention tremors, ataxia, developmental disabilities, limb deformities, seniors, CH,  and more. We do not currently have the facilities or staff to take on FeLV+, FIV+, incontinent, or paralyzed cats but we hope to in the future! (We highly recommend SNAP Cats and Milo’s Sanctuary for cases we cannot take on though!)


At-risk cats are cats that we take in who are not special needs but are at risk of being put down because they have been deemed too costly or too much for shelters or TNR organizations to work with for various reasons (overpopulation; lack of facilities, staff, space, and/or funding to take them on; the environment of animal shelters, etc.) These issues can range from easily curable illnesses, needing minor surgeries, extended medical treatment, medical rehabilitation, chronic allergies, cats who do not do well in the shelter environment, or even sometimes just cats that need a bit more socialization work.  Some of the cats that we rescue stay here for permanent sanctuary as residents; while others are foster cats that we have available for adoption on a regular basis!




We currently rely 100% on public donations, shop sales, & our own “spare” incomes to keep us afloat. We greatly appreciate every cent from those who have supported us; you are the reason we exist and we cannot thank you all enough!!


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